Midnighters The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld



Midnighters The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld ISBN: 978-0060519537, HarperTeen; First Edition edition (March 1, 2005)

Plot Summary:

When Jessica Day moves to the small town of Bixby, Oklahoma, Jonathan, Rex, Dess and Melissa know that there is something special about her, and isn’t the fact that she’s from Chicago. Jessica Day is one of them, a midnighter, able to perceive and move around in the secret hour when time stops. Each of them has a special ability. They aren’t sure what Jessica’s is, but for some reason it has the Darklings that share the midnight hour acting more dangerous than ever before.

Critical Evaluation: 

The Midnighters: Secret Hour is a plot driven adventure story, but it also has excellent characters. The initial four midnighters, have experienced the blue time for years, they are already aware of the hidden dangers and the foibles of their friends. The character of Jessica Day is used with great effect for her perspective as a new comer. Through her eyes, the reader is able to see the calm beauty of the secret hour for the first time and experience the chill dread of the primordial monsters that dwell there. Westerfeld has created characters that are laced with realism. They are flawed, but are loyal to what they consider to be their own kind, the midnighters. 

Information about the author:

Scott Westerfeld’s first book in the Leviathan trilogy was the winner of the 2010 Locus Award for Best Young Adult Fiction. His other novels include the New York Times bestselling Uglies series, THE LAST DAYS, PEEPS, SO YESTERDAY and the Midnighterstrilogy. Scott’s newest book, UGLIES: SHAY’S STORY, is a graphic novel told from Tally’s friend Shay’s perspective. Scott was born in Texas, and alternates summers between New York and Sydney, Australia.

Reader’s Annotation:

Jessica Day may seem like a normal kid, but Melissa, Dess, Rex and Jonathan know that she isn’t. Jessica Day is a Midnighter, and maybe something a little more.


YA Horror. YA Speculative Fiction.

Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

I would talk about how exciting it would be to have a extra hour in which time stops every night.

Reading Level/Interest Age:

Grades 6 and up

Challenge Issues:


Reasons for inclusion:

I loved the Uglies and wanted to give this series a chance.


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