Young Justice: Season One – Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (2012) created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti


Young Justice: Season One – Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (2012)  created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti ASIN: B006PA0WF2, Warner Home Video

 Plot Summary:

Justice League sidekicks Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad are excited. Today they have been promised entrance into the Justice League’s HQ. However, when they arrive at the Halls of Justice, Speedy informs them that it is just the fake HQ that is there for the tourists. The real HQ, Watch Tower, is in orbit above the Earth. Angry that the Justice League refuses to take him seriously, Speedy leaves. The Justice League receives a report of a fire at Cadmus Labs, but then is called away on a more important mission. The three sidekicks decide to investigate on their own and discover a secret underground cloning facility. Hacking into the computers, Robin learns of a weapon that is on the level 52. They are discovered and fight their way down to the lowest level only to find that the weapon is a teenage clone of Superman, code named Superboy. Superboy is only sixteen weeks old, but has been force educated by telepathic genetic clones called genomorphs. The side kicks free Superboy only to have him attack them due to the genomorph’s telepathic control. Later the genomorphs free Superboy from their control in the hopes that he will someday lead them to freedom. As the four escape from Cadmus Labs, they are met by Justice League who are disappointed in their actions and shocked at finding a clone of Superman in their midst. Aqualad refuses to back down and answers that they did good work as a team and will continue to do so with or without the Justice League. Batman relents and the new team Young Justice is formed. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Superboy are soon joined by Miss Martian, the Martian Manhunter’s niece, and Artemis, who claims she is Green Arrow’s niece. Batman assigns them to an old JL HQ, which is a hollowed out mountain, and instructs them that as the Justice League spends so much time in the spotlight, they will need Young Justice to be their covert surveillance team. Batman will provide them with their missions, Black Canary will train them and the android, Red Tornado, acts as a live in advisor.

Critical Evaluation: 

Although the show mostly revolved around action and sinister secret organizations, Young Justice had a depth to the characters that is sometimes missing in the superhero cartoon genre. Superboy is troubled by the fact that Superman, the closest thing that he will ever have to a father, seems to want to avoid him. Kid Flash has a crush on Miss Martian, but she only has eyes for Superboy. Robin, who is brilliant and a techno wiz, desperately wants to be the leader, but is forced to recognize that he does not yet possess the maturity to do so. Aqualad, the most mature of the group, is the leader, but second guesses himself. He also misses his home in Atlantis. Artemis wants to be part of the team, but is hiding a secret about herself that she fears will lead to the others rejecting her. Near the end of the first season, we learn that Superboy and Miss Martian are also hiding secrets for similar reasons. In short, the series is filled with teen angst that teens will relate to.

Information about the author:

Weisman is a former English composition and writing teacher and received degrees at Stanford and USC. During an interview done during Comic-Con International 2010, Weisman revealed that while 22 years old, he wrote a four issue mini-series for DC Comics starring the superheroine Black Canary. The first issue of the series was pencilled, but the project was ultimately shelved due to the character being used in writer/artist Mike Grell’s high profile Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunter series. Elements from the ill-fated project were used for his DC Showcase: Green Arrow short film.

In addition to developing and showrunning the popular seriesGargoyles, the second season of W.I.T.C.H. and The Spectacular Spider-Man, Weisman has written for numerous animated series, including Men In BlackRoughneck: Starship Troopers Chronicles,Kim Possible and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Weisman wrote the series bible for Max Steel and produced the show’s first season. Weisman voice directs and voice acts on occasion; he played the role of Donald Menken onThe Spectacular Spider-Man.

Weisman is notable for the question and answer forum he participates in with Gargoyles fans online, often revealing his intended plans for the show.

Weisman has also written for comics, including Gargoyles, a continuation of the storyline from the television series. Weisman was not new to comics, having spent time at DC as an editor and co-writing Captain Atom with Cary Bates. A parody of Gargoyles appeared in a Weisman-penned story in JLA Showcase #1.

Reader’s Annotation:

Ready to take their mission to next level, a group of sidekicks band together to form a team of their own.


Superhero cartoon.

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I would make sure that all material was purchased in accordance with my library’s collection development policy and make sure to keep a file containing positive reviews for books that I thought might be challenged. In the event of a challenge, I would actively listen to the parent’s concern and ask if they had read the book. I would then explain why the book had been added to the collection and provide with the reviews and a copy of the collection development policy. I would affirm that they are within their rights to limit what their children read, but that other parents also have the right to determine what their children can read. If all else failed, I would provide the parent with a reconsideration form.

Reasons for inclusion:

I had read that this was a really great series and wanted to try it out.


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